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About Tiggy

Tiggy has been tattooing for 10 years, starting her tattoo career apprenticing under the brilliant artist Kamil Tattoos. Following her apprencticeship, Tiggy went on to open up her own London based private studio, Briar Rose Tattoo, which has become a great success and home to some incredible artists. After five years of running Briar Rose, Tiggy decided it was time to move back home to Gloucestershire and open up a new private studio in the city centre, with her partner Nathan. Together they hope to make Mt. Moon Tattoo a space that is safe and comfortable for clients and artists alike.

She prides herself on accommodating her clients to make the whole tattoo experience a happy one from start to finish. Tattoos can be uncomfortable but the experience needn't be!

Tiggy is into video-games, Disney, Ghibli, cartoons, anime, superheroes, 90s nostalgia (furbies, Care Bears etc) and so so much more. She loves tattooing all things bright and colourful, but for the right project she will consider less colourful tattoos. She's always happy to hear about your ideas, so pop her a message to discuss!



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Mt. Moon Tattoo, 4 College Court, Gloucester, GL1 2NJ

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