healing advice for large colour tattoo work


Tiggy will wrap your tattoo for you to go home with. 

At this point it is normal to expect a lot plasma to be produced, so it can be quite messy. 

A few hours later / or just before you go to bed.

Wash your hands thoroughly before touching your tattoo.

Carefully unwrap the tattoo and wash gently with lukewarm water, and a tiny bit of plain un fragranced soap.


After washing - you should not feel any slimy plasma. It should feel clean / and have the texture of normal skin.

Gently pat the tattoo dry with clean (brand new un-opened) kitchen towel. 

Do NOT use a bath towel. They harbour bacteria.

Only use clean disposable kitchen roll or let your tattoo air dry.

Avoid contact with anything in your home.


When the tattoo is totally dry. Re-wrap it in clean (brand new / un-used) cling film. 

Use the inner side of the clingfilm as the part that touches the tattoo. 

Do not wrap too tightly but do make sure to cover every part of your tattoo. 

You can use a bit of micropore tape to keep it in place (avoid if you have allergies to tape)

Try to sleep without knocking the tattoo.


In the morning you may notice some plasma has leaked out. This is normal. Don't use your best sheets!

Wash your tattoo again. You can shower with the wrap still on to avoid your shampoo / conditioner getting into the tattoo. Then unwrap at the end of your shower and wash gently.

Dry your tattoo (avoid the bath towels!!!) and re wrap loosely for the day. No creams necessary at this point in time.

Next couple of days

You should be repeating the above process of washing / drying / wrapping the tattoo every morning and every night for a couple of days. Until it stops leaking any plasma.

If you have any irritation happening from the cling film - please stop wrapping it and notify Tiggy immediately and she can advise you on how to proceed.

No more plasma 

After 2 or 3 days (some people heal quicker than others) you will notice your tattoo feels quite dry.

Keep washing morning and night.

Apply a very very thin layer of Palmers cocoa butter to the tattoo before loosely wrapping it with cling film.

If you are allergic to cocoa butter please discuss with Tiggy for alternatives.

flaky phase

After a day or so of the tattoo going more dry, you will notice it start to flake. 

There should be no thick scabbing - if there is, then let Tiggy know. You should be experiencing light 'onion skin' type flaking.

Keep washing morning and night. Using light layers of cream. Loosely wrapping during the day and night.

Do not pick or pull the flakes off prematurely as this can damage the colour.

Around day 5

About 5 days into healing (it's different for everyone)


You should notice that the flakes are mostly gone. 

You can stop wrapping the tattoo at this point and keep moisturising with cocoa butter. 

Now you aren't wrapping anymore you will need to use a bit more moisturiser, little and often.

Problems wrapping?

Some people with more sensitive skin may not react well to using cling film daily. It could cause irritation to the area surrounding the tattoo.

If this happens please do notify Tiggy right away and she can advise you on alternative methods of healing.

You will want to stop wrapping, and just keep the tattoo clean and use very thin layers of cocoa butter little and often. It requires keeping on top of the moisturising a bit more frequently.

Please email Tiggy 


While healing your tattoo -

DO NOT use a bath towel or anything other than fresh clean kitchen roll to dry your tattoo.

DO NOT touch your tattoo without washing your hands first. Don't let other people touch your tattoo.

DO NOT let your tattoo come into contact with anything other than clean hands, clean cling film or clean kitchen roll.

DO NOT let animals come near your new tattoo.

All these things could cause infection.


DO NOT let your tattoo be in direct sunlight or in a tanning bed for a few months after your appointment. The UV rays are so damaging and will ruin your new tattoo.

DO NOT go out without factor 50 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection on your new tattoo - ideally forever.

The sun WILL fade the colours fast, and while you can have fix ups on the tattoo (At a cost if you have sun damaged it), the colours will usually not ever be the same as before it was damaged.

Please be careful.


Contact Tiggy if you have any concerns at any time!

Moisturise your tattoo daily after it's healed to keep your skin healthy and the colours looking bright!

Avoid the sun at all costs. Wear factor 50 sunscreen and try to cover with clothing as much as possible.

Enjoy your beautiful new artwork and tell your friends where to find Tiggy!

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Thank you!


DO NOT take a bath, or go to the gym, swimming, or any sort of exercise for at least 2 weeks after your tattoo appointment.

Try not to get too many tattoos done in close succession.

Your body only has a finite amount of resources to heal itself so please give it the chance.

Make sure you take the time to rest your body and heal well. 

Please note

Swelling and discomfort is completely normal within the first few days.

Feel free to take some paracetamol / ibuprofen to relieve yourself from these symptoms - unless you have allergies to these medications then please use the appropriate one for you.


If something goes wrong in the healing process - please keep Tiggy updated and informed so she can best advise you on how to change what you're doing so we can salvage the tattoo quickly.

If any bits don't take or need some TLC, then you have 6 months to come in for a free touch up on the tattoo.

Anything after 6 months - damage from the sun or other carelessness, you may come for a touch up but it will be at the regular appointment rates.


Don't panic! Tiggy is here to help and judgement free!

She would much rather know asap if there is a problem, so she can help you!

Please don't hesitate to get in touch. No worry is too big or too small xx