Tiggy's tried and tested advice
for healing big colour work!


Tiggy will wrap your tattoo for you to go home with.

A few hours later / or just before you go to bed (or earlier if it's making a mess)... 

Wash your hands thoroughly, and then carefully take the wrap off of the tattoo.

Wash the tattoo gently with lukewarm water and a small amount of  plain non fragranced soap.


First 24 hours

After washing - you should not feel any slimy plasma. It should feel clean / like normal skin.


Gently pat the tattoo dry with clean (brand new unused before) kitchen roll. 

When totally dried.

Re-wrap tattoo in clean (brand new unused before) cling-film using the inner part of the clingfilm on the actual tattoo. 

Don't wrap it too tightly


Try and sleep without resting on the tattoo (it will hurt!) 

You may notice some plasma has leaked out the bottom of the wrap - sleep on sheets you don't care much about!

In the morning - 

Shower with the wrap still on initially. Then after you've done all of your shower routine- carefully unwrap and gently wash the tattoo again. 

First 24 hours

Do NOT use your bath towel to dry the tattoo 

Please pat tattoo dry with clean kitchen roll.


When totally dry - you can re-wrap the tattoo in clean cling film for the rest of the day. Don't wrap too tightly.

Repeat all this for a couple of days.

Don't use any creams at this point. The tattoo is still leaking plasma. This is normal for colour tattoos. Cream will just add to the mess! 

when the tattoo starts to feel dry

After a couple of days of washing and wrapping. Your tattoo will start to feel a bit dry and tight. It won't be leaking any plasma anymore.

Keep washing morning and night - but now is the time to start lightly moisturising! 

Tiggy usually recommends to put a very very light layer of YAYO Familia butter on the tattoo - this takes away the tightness.


And then very loosely wrap the tattoo for the day or night.y

Flaky phase!

When the tattoo starts feeling dry - it's pretty close to the flaky phase!

You shouldn't have any thick scabbing with this healing method. Only light 'onion skin' flaking.

Keep washing morning and night. Using light layers of cocoa butter when feeling dry and tight, and loosely wrapping during the day / night.

Do not pick or pull the flakes off prematurely! This can damage the tattoo.



Around day 5 - 7 (roughly -depends person to person)

The flakes should mostly be gone by now. You can use a little more generous amount of cocoa butter at this time.

Your tattoo is now superficially healed. But still very delicate and a little tender - so be very careful with it for another week or so!

problems with wrapping?

A small amount of people with more sensitive skin find that the wrapping method causes irritation to the skin around the tattoo (the bits that are wrapped)

This can look like red bumps / redness. 

If this happens - let the tattoo breathe. Stop wrapping it and instead you'll have to be more consistent with applying light layers of cocoa butter to stop the tattoo drying out too much and therefore causing thick scabs!

Little and often is the key.

DO NOT!!!!

While healing your tattoo-

DO NOT use a bath towel or anything other than fresh clean kitchen roll to dry your tattoo.

DO NOT touch your tattoo without washing hands first. Don't let other people touch your tattoo.

DO NOT let your tattoo come into contact with anything other than clean hands, clean cling film or clean kitchen roll.

DO NOT let animals near your new tattoo.

do not!!!

DO NOT let your tattoo be in direct sunlight or in a tanning bed for a few months after your appointment. The UV rays are so damaging and will ruin your new tattoo.

DO NOT go out without factor 50 sunscreen with UVA and UVB protection on your new tattoo (forever).


The sun will fade the colours fast, and while you can have fix ups (not free when it's damage caused by you) - the tattoo will never be the same.

do not!!!

DO NOT exercise for at least 2 weeks after your tattoo. Wait for it to be fully healed.

DO NOT soak your tattoo - please take short showers. Don't use a bath.

Salt from excessive sweating will cause ink to fade.

DO NOT go swimming in pools or open water for 2 weeks minimum after your tattoo

Swimming is dangerous because bacteria can enter the wound and cause infection.



Contact Tiggy if you have any concerns at any time! 

Moisturise your tattoo daily to keep your skin healthy and the colours looking bright!

Tiggy pro tip - shaving the hair off your tattoo helps colours look brighter!

Avoid the sun at all costs. Wear Factor 50 sunscreen or cover with clothing.

Enjoy your beautiful new artwork, and tell your friends where to find Tiggy! 

Sharing is caring!

swelling and discomfort is normal in the first few days -

take some painkillers and prop your arm/leg up when resting.

patience is a virtue.

The healing phase is annoying and long - but having a beautiful tattoo is so worth it!


free touch ups for problems caused with healing must be organised within first 6 months. No free touch ups after this.

tiggy is always on hand for advice. 

Please do get in touch with any worries! No worry is too big or too small