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If your questions haven't been answered below, feel free to email Tiggy directly at

  • How do I book in for a tattoo?
    Tiggy accepts bookings via an online booking form. In this form you will be able to tell her a little about yourself, your tattoo idea, placement, send photos and everything she needs to know what sort of appointment you'll require.
  • Does Tiggy work to specific budgets?
    Absolutely yes! If you have a specific budget in mind, let her know in the designated part of the online booking form and she can have a conversation with you on how to fit your idea into that budget. Tiggy has different price points for different size/detailed tattoos. Tiggy will chat to you about how much detail, or what size you could have to fit within your budget.
  • I want to book a consecutive appointment with my friend
    Tiggy can accommodate this. If you and your friend are travelling together, Tiggy can make sure you have appointments either on the same day (for half day appts) or consecutive days (for full day appts) Just let her know in your booking form!
  • Do you do Walk Ins?
    Not for tattoos no. Tiggy works by appointment only. If you'd like to be pierced by our piercer Jack. He accepts walk ins! Tuesdays to Saturdays, 11am - 5pm
  • Touch ups
    Tiggy will do a free touch up for you if needed, within the first 6 months. Sometimes tattoos don't heal perfectly and that's okay, she is happy to fix this. You can email her at any time to schedule this in. You don't need to wait for her books to open. After 6 months then it will count as a paid appointment. After 6 months, any defects in the tattoo will likely be from things such as sun exposure, sun beds, or general ageing of the tattoo etc
  • Do you do Guest Spots or Conventions?
    Tiggy generally doesn't travel for work. Travelling with all of her kit is a difficult task, she uses a lot of colours and materials which are complex to pack up and move about the country with. Tiggy struggles with the anxieties of travelling. Her partner is also a very busy human and is not generally available to travel with her to help out, which would mean she has to manage carrying a lot of stuff on her own, in places she's unfamiliar with, in studios she might have never been to before. Tiggy is on the AuADHD spectrum and works best within a known space. She much prefers to work from her own studio, which she has set up to be a very safe and comfortable space both for herself and her clients.
  • How far in advance does Tiggy book?
    Usually you can expect Tiggy to be booking 3 to 6 months in advance. Sometimes she will have cancellations pop up that need filling, keep an eye on her instagram or subscribe to the mailing list to be notified of these.
  • Will you copy a design I send you?
    Usually no. It depends entirely on what the image is. If it's something you have drawn / have permission to use. Then maybe - but Tiggy works best with her own drawings, she may want to re-draw it in her own way. If it's someone else's tattoo, or a tattoo Tiggy has done previously, then absolutely not.
  • What styles do you do?
    Tiggy specialises in her bright, bold colour work that you see here on the website and also on her instagram. For the right project (something she feels comfortable tattooing). She may consider a blackwork style. Tiggy does not do fineline tattoos, realism work, black and grey, geometric or anything like that.
  • I'm not creative, will she help me plan my design?
    Absolutely! Tiggy will work to any brief. Some people are very specific with their ideas, and some folk are more vague. Both are completely acceptable. If you only tell her that you want a certain character/object tattooed, what your favourite colours are, or show a pic of something similar as reference. She can work to this, and if she has more questions, she will ask them before booking you in to make sure she is on the right page.
  • Do you do cover-ups?
    Tiggy will need to assess the existing tattoo. Many tattoos will be too dark for Tiggy's bright and colourful style to cover without the original tattoo showing through. Tiggy may suggest a few rounds of laser to lighten up the existing tattoo first before she will accept working over it. We believe that if you weren't happy with your tattoo the first time around, make sure you have a really good base to work with, so that your coverup tattoo will be everything you ever wanted and more. It's no good making mistakes twice.
  • Can I bring a friend with me?
    Generally the answer is yes! Tiggy understands that sometimes people require a friend to assist them or keep them company during their appointment. Please note - If you bring a friend, please make sure they are respectful of Tiggy's work space. It's not fun being watched while you work. Tiggy finds it really hard to concentrate when multiple people talk to her while she is working, which is why she prefers that people attend alone so she can give her full focus to the client. Please ask your guest to keep this in mind. Full day appointments are very long (And very boring for someone sitting in). We do have a TV where we play films, anime, TV shows. But we encourage guests to bring their own entertainment or to go enjoy some of the Gloucester sights and shops every now and again!
  • Where are you located?
    At Mt. Moon Tattoo in Gloucester, UK 4 College Court, Gloucester, GL1 2NJ Gloucester station is well connected, to places like London, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff and more. Mt.Moon is located just a 6 minute walk away from the train station. There is plenty of parking in town, we recommend the Eastgate Rooftop carpark which is £8 for a full 24 hours, and only a 4 minute walk to the shop. Gloucester also has a large bus station right next to the train station, which includes National Express coaches if you prefer to travel by coach.
  • Mt. Moon Accessibility
    We are in a very old building on a small alley, there is a large single step up into the shop. However, once inside it is completely flat. Unfortunately, our toilet is also very small, and sadly not accessible to those who are in a wheelchair. We are so sorry about this. We do try to make the shop as friendly as possible to those who may have sensory issues, autism, adhd, anxiety. On Tiggy's consent form there is an optional section to fill out if you'd like to notify us of anything you might find difficult. We will always be sure to try our best to accommodate your needs.
  • I'm scared of / allergic to dogs
    Our tiny shop dog, Bambi is VERY friendly, but we also shut him in his own little bit, outside of the treatment area away from customers. However, if you would prefer that he's not around for any reason. We would never ever take offense. Please let Tiggy know at the time of booking and she will make sure he goes to spend the day with Granny.
  • Can I bring food?
    We encourage it strongly. Bring snacks to keep your energy levels up. Bring lunch if you're having a full day appointment - Tiggy will be eating lunch at some point in the day anyway. If you don't eat then you may be prone to fainting / feeling sick or unwell which may cause you to need to end the appointment early.
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