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After many years of working on an hourly basis, Tiggy has restructured her pricing to reflect her speed and skill, while still covering her supplies and overheads.

To give you an idea, many of the tattoos shown on this page have

required a single day session to complete.



Tiggy's prices are split into 2 flat rates

All pricing will also be discussed via email

Half Day

£350 Total

Booking fee - £150 

Suitable for smaller, single character, palm sized designs 

Full Day 

£700 total

Booking fee - £200

Suitable for ongoing projects and larger, more detailed tattoos

Booking fee
Please only book if you're serious

X The booking fee is required to confirm your appointment date and design

X Dates and designs will not be reserved without one

X Non-refundable in any instance


X The fee will count toward the total cost given 


X In instances of tattoos needing multiple sessions, the fee will be held until the final appointment. 



You will receive a reminder email and online consent form prior to your appointment

Give Notice

If you cancel or postpone within 1 FULL WEEK / 7 days of your appointment


Your booking fee will be void and a new one must be placed to re-book

Cancelling again

If you cancel or postpone TWICE then you will need to pay 50% of the full cost of your tattoo up front before rebooking

No Shows

If you 'No Show' 

- don't show up and don't let us know you aren't coming, then your booking fee will be voided and you will not be accepted back.


Why must I pay a booking fee?

Tattoo artists are self employed - which means they manage every aspect of their job by themselves. Most of these jobs are usually done by a single person in a big company, where we do everything ourself.

We are a Receptionist | Customer Service | Graphic Designer | Social Media Manager | HR | Cleaner and Tattoo 'Technicians'

Tattoo artists only get paid when they do the actual tattoo and part of that goes towards paying a percentage to the shop and buying the many supplies we need to operate.

If you cancel or postpone, the artist is not only losing money for the day, but all of the work spent emailing and consulting you, designing your artwork, and making sure supplies are kept in stock would have not been paid for. The booking fee only covers a small fraction of this. 

This is why you are required to pay booking fee, and it ensures the artist at least has a little something to cover the work they've already done. 

Thank you for your understanding x

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