£120 an hour | £650 day rate

Hourly will cap at £650


Day rate is up to 7 hours

The 7 hour limit is to keep

Tiggy's back and mind healthy!


A Non - Refundable Deposit

is required to secure a date.


£120 1 hour unless discussed otherwise

The Deposit is not refundable in any case. It covers Tiggy for lost time doing admin, design work and  loss of income for a day if you cancel.



Transparency is good!

Tattoo Artists are self employed 

which means they manage every 

aspect of their job by themselves.

Most of these are jobs done by one person in big companies-

Social Media Manager


Customer Service



Graphic Designer

Tattoo 'Technician'

Therapist (lol - you know if you know)

You are paying for

1. The time spent discussing your idea. This can sometimes be many days of emailing back and forth.


Ever notice when your artist responds at weird times? Like really late at night?

They can't email you while tattooing all day, or when they're drawing up designs for the week in the evenings. So emails fit in at weird times.

It's still work though!

2. Drawing up your design!

This can take many hours in itself. Tiggy usually spends minimum 3 hours on each drawing - and much more for bigger pieces. This is before any potential changes are requested

The hourly rate covers both the tattoo time and the drawing / admin time - so you do get a lot more for your money than is immediately obvious!

3. Pre Tattoo Prep

Cleaning and sanitising the area before and after each appointment to make it safe and ready to welcome clients. 

Setting up the tattoo station safely.

Prepping and the application of the stencil. Sometimes this takes a bit of time as it's not always easy to nail it in one!

Many supplies must be bought to make sure everything is clean, covered correctly or wrapped. It's not just a tattoo machine, ink and an ipad.

4. Tattooing you!

This one is obvious. But it's not always straightforward.

Some people struggle to sit still for various reasons. And while it is okay! We will get through it together!

It does take more time if the 'canvas' is wibbling around.

Some skin types can be harder to work with (please stay away from the sun! - sun damage is terrible!) 

The time spent tattooing is so variable and unique to each and every customer.

5. Aftercare

Tiggy always makes it very clear to each customer that she is ALWAYS here to talk about aftercare.

If you are worried or need advice at any time of the day after you've had your tattoo, you can always message and she will respond as soon as she can.


She is vigilant about checking messages to make sure she doesn't miss anything.



Want to see some examples of

tattoos Tiggy has done with prices?