a little insight into the process

Because Tiggy is often booked up for at least 6 months in advance - she has had to really refine the way she works to make sure she's producing the best work while keeping herself mentally and physically healthy.

Every tattoo artist has a different process - this is Tiggy's.

  • Email your completed enquiry form

  • Confirm design details

  • Set a date / place deposit

  • Dates only held with deposit

  • Design prepped a few days in advance and sent to you

  • Small changes can be made

  • Major reworks may cause date to be rescheduled. Please be specific when you email about your idea!


designs are drawn and sent to you a couple of days in advance

EVERY TATTOO custom drawn just for you

no repeats
no copies


tiggy spends minimum of 3 hours drawing each design - and more for bigger more detailed tattoos

Sleeves and
larger tattoos
will require 
multiple sessions, spread out
over many months with healing time in between


what if i change my mind?

That's fine! Please let Tiggy know well in advance so she can plan accordingly.


You may need a longer or shorter appointment.

If your idea changes to something Tiggy is not comfortable tattooing, then cancellation will be discussed.


Tiggy works best when she's allowed to take creative control over the tattoo ideas!

If you have something very specific in mind
- please do include it in your booking form!

similarly - if you're open to a bit of a surprise - Tiggy can and will take on free reign projects