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Ghibli Gumball Machine

Get What You Get - Dates throughout 2023 

Email Tiggy to find out when the next available date will be


£300 total

Re-rolls available for free

£100 Booking fee required

Fee counts towards the total

Cash only on the day.


Just under hand sized, to allow for the colours and details to sit well.

All designs to be in full colour.


Lower arms and legs only

It's a long day and to help Tiggy's old lady back we need to make it as easy as possible for her.

Book In

Subject - Ghibli Gumball

Please include filled booking form

(found below)

Booking form - For Gumball dates only

1.  Your age, your name you'd like to be referred to and your pronouns. 


2.  Placement on your body - Lower arms and legs only. Please advise where you'd like it, and include a photo.


No other placements for these - please book in the usual way for a custom half day appointment with Tiggy for any other placements, as she can draw up any Ghibli piece as requested for those placements. The GWYG dates involve a lot of setting up / changeovers and a VERY long day for Tiggy, so we need to give her a fighting chance by making the tattooing process as easy as possible. Thank you!


3. Do you have any allergies or medications or special requirements that we need to know about or accommodate?  Some medications cause thinning of blood or other side effects that can adversely affect the tattoo or healing. Do you have any anxieties, disabilities or health issues that we can better accommodate? Anything like this. We are here to help!


4. Anything else you think we should know - to make your visit more comfortable  For example -  Would you like a 'quiet appointment' where Tiggy  doesn't initiate small talk or play music? Please do tell us of anything you can think of as Tiggy wants to make the appointment as comfortable as she can for all people.

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