Tattoo artists are self employed and rely on the trust that their clients will show up for appointments 

Failure to turn up - leaves us out of pocket for an entire days worth of work plus time spent drawing your design

tiggy's cancellation policy

3 days notice-

minimum of 3 days notice is required to maintain your deposit.

cancellations within these 3 days will forfeit the deposit.

to book in again

you will need to place a new deposit.

any planned appointments will not go ahead without this new deposit

it's really hard to fill appointments at such late notice - and most likely your design will have been started at this time.

so this covers tiggy for the lost work

'no shows'

If you don't show up
or give any notice that you won't be coming.
your deposit
will be lost

to book in again

tiggy reserves the right to not book you in again.

please respect your appointment time.

tiggy would prefer you let her know you cannot come.

the reason doesn't matter - we don't judge.

Please let us know - give us a chance to find someone else to take the spot.

repeat offenders

people who cancel with late notice / no show more than once

if tiggy accepts you back. you may need to pay for 50% of your appointment up front

tiggy understands that sometimes life gets in the way, things happen.

just respect her time and she'll be more than happy to reschedule you back in at a later date!

communication is good!


ready to book?