Here's a template for you
to make sure tiggy has all of the necessary information
to get you booked in.

just copy and paste into your email to her!

please do complete all the information
emails sent with all information filled out will be prioritised

1.  Your tattoo idea -
 If you have a very specific idea please do write down all necessary details - feel free to include photos or reference images to get the           idea across. Designs will be done a couple of days prior to the appointment and major changes cannot be made at that point so please       do tell us now. If you're quite open to Tiggy doing her own thing and getting creative, then please say so (This usually works out better!)

2.  Placement on your body
Please attach a clear daylight photo of said placement on yourself so Tiggy can plan the design to fit you perfectly.

3. Rough size - in cm or inches 

    Bigger tattoos can have more details, small tattoos will need to be more simple.

4. Is it a coverup | rework | scar cover up (or something of this nature)  
Please include a clear daylight photo of the area for Tiggy to assess.

5. Do you have any allergies or medications we need to know about?   
Some medications cause thinning of blood or other side effects that can adversely affect the tattoo or healing. 

6. Which shop? Briar Rose Tattoo in London, or Sylvari Tattoo in Gloucestershire

    Tiggy works mainly at Briar Rose and works for a week every month at Sylvari Tattoo.

7. Anything else you think we should know - to make your visit more comfortable

cancellation policy

healing advice