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Booking Form


How To Book

Please copy this into an email

Only send ONE email and wait for a response.
Incomplete booking forms may not receive a response.

1.  Your age, your name you'd like to be referred to and your pronouns. 

2.  Your tattoo idea 
If you have a very specific idea please do write down all necessary details - If you need to include photos or reference images to get the idea or style across please do! 
Designs will be done a couple of days prior to the appointment and major changes cannot be made at that point so please do tell us now. 

3.  Placement on your body
Please attach a clear daylight photo of preferred placement for your tattoo, so that Tiggy can plan the design to fit the placement and your skin tone perfectly.

3. Rough size -
Bigger tattoos can have more details, small tattoos will need to be more simplified. Tell me if you want it 'palm sized', or if you want it to fit the area completely, or perhaps show me in a photo. However is best to convey what you're after!

4. Is it a coverup | rework | scar cover up (or something of this nature)  
Please include a clear daylight photo of the area for Tiggy to assess. Please note that Tiggy only takes on coverups if she feels it is within her ability which may not always be the case.

5. Do you have any allergies or medications or special require
ments that we need to know about or accommodate?   
Some medications cause thinning of blood or other side effects that can adversely affect the tattoo or healing. Do you have any anxieties, disabilities or health issues that we can better accommodate? Anything like this. We are here to help!

6. Anything else you think we should know - to make your visit more comfortable  
For example -  Would you like a 'quiet appointment' where Tiggy  doesn't initiate small talk or play music? 
Please do tell us of anything you can think of as Tiggy wants to make the appointment as comfortable as she can for all people.

All booked in?

Check our tattoo checklist

a small guide about prepping for your appointment

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